Pradesh Industries Developmental & Manufacturing Associated Society

Serving the Society

Who can join
Anyone belongs to any society, state or country who has zeal to do work for the up gradation can 
be part of PIDMAS.
Person of any age group can join with moral values and high determination.
Person belonging to the following fields are especially welcomed:
1. Science & Technology (Retired or Working professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Teachers,
Lecturers etc ) are invited.
2. Technical Department (Retired or working)
3. Hospitality (Retired or working)
4. Health (Retired or working)
5. Education (Retired or working)
Thank you for the contribution you are going to make!!
Your commitment to the PIDMAS is humbling and much appreciated.
There are many ways to contribute i.e. by being a part of the organization, referring any person 
or any important contact etc. Please call 91-9418028551 or 91-9418724551 if you have any 
questions. Thank you!