Surah Micro Hydel Project

Generating Energy

Over view of the project

Surah small hydro project is a run-of-the river scheme envisaged to generate 1500 kW power by utilizing a gross head of 136 m available at the tail end of Surah stream near Kiln village (EL. 2100 m). Presently the site is connected by road only up to Parwara which is short of 2 km from the proposed powerhouse site. The stream originates from Saimp reserved forest at an elevation of 2800m and thereafter flows towards north and join Chatel khad at an elevation of 1380m u/s of diversion site for Pattikari hydroelectric project. From here, it flows towards north-west and drains into river Beas from left flank u/s of Pandoh. It is proposed to divert the water of Surah stream by constructing a diversion weir across the stream near Bharunl village at an elevation of 1546 m. The water shall be led through a channel (cut & cover), 1.96 Km long, up to forebay proposed near Kiln village at an elevation 1540 m. The power- house shall be located at an elevation of approximately 1410m thus giving a gross head of about 136m for power generation. No other major stream joins it between the proposed powerhouse and the intake. The stream is perennial and has an average discharge of the order of 1.3 cumecs as reveled by the discharge measurement studies and local enquiries. By utilizing the discharge and a head of 136m, a power project of 1.5 MW can be conveniently constructed on this stream.

Location of the Project

The Surah project has been planned at the tail end of Surah stream – a tributary of river Beas. The stream is located in the Chachyot tehsil of Mandi district with its catchment area laying between latitudes 310 31’ 08’’ N and 310 36’ 05’’ N and longitudes 770 05’ 51’’ E and 770 09’ 36’’ E. Baksaid is an important village located in the middle of the catchment area and is approximately 53 km north of Sunder Nagar. The area is shown on the survey of India Topo sheet no. 53 E/2. 2.4.2 Motorable road is available up to Parwara from Sunder Nagar Chail Chowk. Parwara is approximately 2 km short of proposed powerhouse site. From Parwara, the site can be approached on foot and take about an hour to reach the powerhouse site. Mandi- Janjheli road is also under construction and would pass through the project area. The location of the project site is shown in the schematic plan given in Plate. 1.


The project is situated in temperate zone in the middle Himalayas. The catchment area covering 28.72 sq. km has steep slopes covered with fur and pine forests especially above Baksaid. There is no permanent snowline. However, the highest peaks experience snow in winter, which last up to the end of April/May.


The climate of this basin is cold during winter and pleasant during summer. The catchment receives considerable rainfall during monsoon (June-September).

Natural Resources

Part of the area is under reserve and protected forests and partly under cultivation. It has good agro-climatic conditions that make it suitable for cultivation and growing fruits. South –eastern slopes are covered with thick vegetation, whereas, lower north-western area is mostly cultivated


The project area near the beginning and tail ends is sparsely populated, whereas, the lower middle one has a sizeable population. A number of prominent villages fall in the catchment. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people living in the area.

Energy Surah Power Hydel project

Surah Energy will develop 1.5 MW in Himachal Pradesh. Surah Energy will provide a portion of the generated power to the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Location Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Capacity 1.5 MW

Fuel Hydro

Contract Details Run of the River